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Erroneous Tickets
23 April 2013

How to Fight a Parking Ticket in San Francisco

So, you got a parking ticket that you didn't deserve

You're upset. Understandably so. You got a ticket not because you deserved it, but perhaps due to someone else's negligence. And they expect you to pay it. They know that the trouble that you have to go through to fight a parking ticket isn't worth your time. You shouldn't have to go in. But I'm begging you to think of it more like jury duty. It is your civic duty to fight this parking ticket. You can't let someone's mistake or negligence just slide by, like it does every single day.

Not this time, it's time to fight this ticket, because the more tickets that are fought, the closer the city will get to realizing, that handing out unwarranted tickets is no way to make up revenue. It should be a way to lose revenue.