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24 April 2013

Why the DPT is good for the health of San Francisco parking

You probably weren't expecting to see this article here. But it's true the SFMTA and DPT do some seriously good things for the city. Try to imagine a San Francisco with no parking enforcement at all.

Parking Space Rollover

Probably the first thing you would notice would be the lack of a parking space, ever. Parking meters, and just as importantly, the people that enforce them, help to ensure that no parking space is full for too long.


The DPT actually look out for things like zones, where a fire truck might need to be. Imagine if it were your house burning down.


This one is the topic of much debate. The city of San Francisco get's in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars anually, and that was in 2011, according to this article.

It would seem that a lot of people believe that a lot of this money is used to try to balance the budget, especially with Muni constantly needing money.